Nov 02
IPD’s Training Centre

In our commitment to equip customers with the best practices they could use in their installations, we have setup a training centre to facilitate in-depth product training on the Elsteel TECHNO Modular Switchboard system.


These trainings are primarily focused on familiarizing users with various features and options, design software and hands on experience with various assemble techniques to assemble all types of switchboards.

Customers can chose from 3 areas of the training which are:

  • Product Training - Understanding components and accessories that make up the Techno system.
  • Assembly Training - Highlights the correct techniques in assembling the "ELSTEEL" modular system.
  • Software Training – Learning to layout the switchboard through software developed by IPD on an AUTOCAD base that is able to produce construction drawings for your assembly personnel.

You can chose from either Software or Assembly training or the full training that includes all the above mentioned modules.  Upon completion, the members of the training program are awarded with certifications and they can go on to getting accreditations depending on their experience.

Recently, we trained Josh & Dane from Automation Group on the system, here they are in the picture.