Jun 18
IPD's partnership with ComAp

IPD is proud to announce that Greenbird Technologies have appointed IPD Group as the exclusive distributor into the Australian photovoltaic market for their mains protection relays known as the Mainspro and Intelepro PV.

The Mainspro device has the advantage of being a very simple device to install, set up and commission on site by any qualified electrician. As standard, the Mainspro provides the critical ANSI protection codes such as ROCOF, Vectorshift, over and under voltage, over and under frequency protection settings. Therefore the price reflects a device which doesn’t require all the complexities offered by many other devices available on the market.

For those more complex systems where reverse power monitoring, reverse current monitoring, over and under voltage, ROCOF, Vectorshift, over and under frequency, over and under voltage but also needing the additional options of being able to monitor remotely and communication systems, etc., the Intelepro PV has been brought on to the market which is exclusively available through IPD.

For more information regarding either of these two devices, why and when you would use it, please visit www.ipdgroup.com.au.