Sep 12
Whether it is small rooftop PV systems or multi-megawatt systems - DEHNcombo protects!

The new DEHNcombo YPV combined arrester from the lightning and surge protection specialist DEHN safely protects PV systems from surges caused by lightning interference. The arrester offers several application advantages for PV systems in a single device. The varistor-based protective device combines a type 1 lightning current arrester and a type 2 surge arrester and incorporates a tried and tested Y circuit.

DEHNcombo YPV efficiently protects the DC side of the inverter, the combiner box or the PV modules. This new arrester can be used for small rooftop systems, but also for systems of the multi-megawatt class.

DEHNcombo YPV is a compact, lightning current carrying combined arrester for the DC side of photovoltaic systems which can be used without additional backup fuse up to a short-circuit current of 10 kA. It has a total discharge current of 12.5 kA (10/350 μs) and a low voltage protection level, thus ensuring coordination with terminal equipment. Since its rated voltage is the same for all protection paths, DEHNcombo YPV is ideally suited for earthed (earthing of DC+ or DC-) and floating systems. Arresters for system voltages UCPV ≤ 1200 V and UCPV ≤ 1500 V are available for effective protection of terminal equipment. The tried and tested fault-resistant Y circuit prevents damage to the surge protective device in case of insulation faults in the generator circuit.

The arresters are already safe to touch (IP20) and do not require an additional cover.

They feature an operating state/fault indication which is easily visible - even from the outside – thanks to indictor flags in the inspection window. Optionally, the arresters are also available with floating remote signalling contact (FM) for remote monitoring.

Of course, the DEHNcombo YPV protective devices meet the test requirements of the EN 50539-11 product standard and can be used in PV systems according to IEC 60364-7-712.

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