Jan 30
IPD T&M Team Gains Electrical Safety Testing Expertise from Training by Ikonix

Ikonix USA consists of three industry leading companies – Associated Research and SCI providing AC/DC Hipot, Ground Bond/Continuity, Insulation Resistance and Line Leakage Test solutions plus APT for AC Power Sources. Attendees shown in the picture from left to right are:
Ian Pearce (SA/WA), Manoj Kuntamukkala (NSW/ACT), Mark Isherwood IPD T&M GM, Moataz Elbably (QLD/NT), Alvin Quah Ikonix Sales Manager and Babak Nema (VIC/TAS.)

Hipot or Dielectric Voltage Withstand testing is the most common type of electrical safety test, designed to stress a product's insulation beyond what it would encounter during normal use by injecting test voltages of up to 6kV. Ground bond testing forces a test current of 25A through the safety ground connection in a device/appliance to ensure it will adequately handle a fault current resulting from insulation failure.

Testing is undertaken during R&D and production on a wide range of products including electrical switchboards, solar panels, motors, pumps, household appliances, portable homes, luminaires, medical devices/equipment, test & measurement equipment, IT equipment etc.

The APT range of AC power sources generate single or three-phase outputs at various kVA ratings to simulate various electrical supply conditions. The portfolio allows the user to vary the output voltage between 0 and 520Vac and supply frequency between 40 and 1000Hz to simulate various international, domestic and aircraft supply conditions to determine how a device operates under a wide range of scenarios such as low or high voltage/current situations or with a varying frequency. They can also be used to provide a known and consistent supply source for electrical wattmeter accuracy testing.