Sep 20
The Perfect Connection

IPD and Cellpack introducing the new plug style straight through joint the CKM for single core 11kV and 24kV XLPE cables from 50mm to 240mm.

Reliable cable joints are indispensable for good working and high quality electrical distribution networks. They must exhibit the same operational reliability as the cable itself. Due to the high costs incurred by energy producers for their medium voltage networks, shut off time has to be avoided wherever possible. Therefore it is of outmost importance to energy producers that cable joints are reliable, quick and easy to install. Innovative solutions are in demand, particularly for medium voltage networks where installation defects result in high costs which must be reduced drastically.

The CKM plug-in straight-through joint is the result of more than five years of intensive development work at Cellpack. It represents the perfect joint system for the medium voltage cable range.

This joint was developed for connections made with plastic-insulated medium voltage cables. Its system components are harmoniously matched to one another ensuring that assembly is very easy, reliable and can be done quickly. The integration concept for this type of joint permits the majority of installation steps (formerly performed at the construction site) to be accomplished in advance, under controlled conditions, at the Cellpack factory where every element can be tested electrically.

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