May 17
Smart Energy Metering

The DIRIS B-30 energy meter from IPD Group brings forth a new era of flexibility and accuracy in energy monitoring devices.

This unique ‘Plug and Play' energy monitoring device has 4 independent current sensor inputs allowing it to measure and report on several types and number of circuits: for example, 4 single phase loads or 1 three phase load + 1 single phase load.

The 4 current inputs have RJ12 plug-in connections, making wiring easy, reliable and free of wiring errors. The ratio of the current sensor and direction of current flow is detected automatically.    

The global accuracy of the measurement chain (meter + current sensor) is Class 0.5 to IEC 61557-12. With accuracy available from 2 to 120% of the current sensor ratio.

RS485 Modbus communication, 2 digital inputs for recording water/ gas meter consumptions, remote high resolution panel mount display option, and a selection of solid core, miniature split-core and flexible rogowski current sensors make this meter perfect for new or retro-fit energy measuring and monitoring applications.